Games of Zones, I know, a shameless riff on the biggest and most popular show in the world. Why not capitalize on #GOT, especially if it got you to read this post?

Alright, I can’t take credit for the title, but Dr. Doug Stephey can. He had me on as a guest for his Move Look & Listen Podcast to discuss the healing power of sound and music listening therapy.

We talked about different sound frequency zones, thus Game of Zones, and how they affect the body and brain whether it be to calm the nervous system, enhance social engagement skills, improve abilities to hear the human voice, act as a stimulus to activate the brain, or to enrich creative abilities. What you’ll learn in our podcast is that if you have a heartbeat you can likely benefit from music listening therapy.

Douglas W. Stephey, O.D., M.S. is a full-service eye and vision care provider in Southern California and is a sought-after conference speaker, educator, and passionate advocate for patients diagnosed with dyslexia, specific learning disability, ADHD, autism, and any other qualifying diagnosis for an IEP or 504 plan. He also happens to be a Certified Provider of The Listening Program®, which is how we have become friends in recent years. He understands the integration of the auditory and visual systems and how sound can be used to support improvements in visual processing and so much more…

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