Can Structure and Creativity Coexist?


Innovation surrounds us, and we can each be engaged in creative expression within organizations, bolstered by rather than being crushed by structure and systems. Being given the freedom to ideate, try new ideas, and fail within a safe and flexible system fosters an environment built for innovation. People will unleash their creativity when empowered to do so.

Can structure and creativity coexist? Workfront asked me and 10 marketing thought leaders this question.  See what I say…  Can Structure and Creativity Coexist?

And, check out Chris Brogan, Rachel Herrscher, Ted Rubin and the others thoughts on this on Slideshare.

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Music Does Profound Things to Your Brain

My friend Max Lugavere joined us in Utah this past weekend to speak about brain health and his film BREADHEAD at The Listening Program® Conference 2015. We had a few minutes to film a quick chat about the power of music to change your brain. In the interview I introduce Max to inTime and our Waves multisensory headphone system where he experiences bone conducted listening for the first time. I loved his reaction! And be sure to listen to podcast we did on The Listening Program Radio & Podcast a while back.

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Bloom, Brain-Based Parenting

Lynne Kenney I’ve come to know some truly exceptional people via social media over the years and Dr. Lynne Kenney is one of the stand outs. A mother of two, practicing pediatric psychologist, and the author of The  Family Coach Method, Dr.Kenney has just published the first multi-media book on parenting. Taking its lead from neuroscience and best practices in early childhood mental health, Bloom, the latest book from Dr. Lynne Kenney and Wendy Young offers parents, teachers and care providers the words, thoughts and actions to raise calm, confident children, while reducing the need for consequences and punishment. Bloom allows you to take a collaborative stance with your children, improving their cognitive, emotional and social skills. It offers a new approach to human relationships that will change the way you perceive, think, and feel about parenting, love, work and life. Join me and my guest Lynne Kenney on The Listening Program Radio this Wednesday, July 1st at 8 pm Eastern as we discuss her new book Bloom, and how we can say, think and do things differently in order to parent and teach children who are anxious, angry, and over-the-top. Register here to submit a question for Dr. Kenney and to receive an email reminder 3 hours before the program.

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Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain- For Life

Brain Maker

Debilitating brain disorders are on the rise-from children diagnosed with autism and ADHD to adults developing dementia at younger ages than ever before. But a medical revolution is underway that can solve this problem: Astonishing new research is revealing that the health of your brain is, to an extraordinary degree, dictated by the state of your microbiome – the vast population of organisms that live in your body and outnumber your own cells ten to one. What’s taking place in your intestines today is determining your risk for any number of brain-related conditions.

In his latest book Brain Maker, the New York Times # 1 bestselling author of Grain Brain uncovers the powerful role of gut bacteria in determining your brain’s destiny. Neurologist David Perlmutter, MD explains the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on lifestyle choices, how it can become “sick,” and how nurturing gut health through a few easy strategies can alter your brain’s destiny for the better. With simple dietary recommendations and a highly practical program of six steps to improving gut ecology, BRAIN MAKER opens the door to unprecedented brain health potential.

Join me and David Perlmutter Wednesday, May 6, at 8PM EST as we discuss Brain Maker, brain disorders, and how to open the door to brain health. Register now for this free program and receive an email reminder 3 hours before the show.

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Autism: Identifying the Biochemical Fingerprint



A few years back I was introduced to a physician by a mutual friend, Kristin Selby Gonzales. Kristin is mom to Jaxson who is diagnosed with autism, and Chairman of Autism Hope Alliance , a non-profit doing great work in the field, and whose advisory board I proudly serve on. The three of us shared a panel discussion on autism treatment and recovery at the Natural Product Expo West. That doctor was Dan Rossignol, MD, FAAFP, FMAP. After hearing his personal story as a father with two children with autism, who switched from a family medical practice to biomedical research and treatment to help other families whose lives are touched by autism and other pediatric special needs, I gained an instant respect and appreciation for this man. I’ve tracked his work closely since and want to share what he has been up to with parents and health professionals, so I’ve invited him as my guest on TLP Radio tomorrow.

Accumulating evidence has demonstrated that autism is often characterized by complex abnormalities such as oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, certain genetic abnormalities, exposure(s) to environmental toxicants, immunological abnormalities, infections, and in some cases, developmental regression and seizures. These abnormalities may contribute to the symptoms of autism, such as sleep problems, obsessive behavior, speech delay, impaired social interaction, self-stimulatory behavior, hyperactivity, inattention, and abnormal gastrointestinal findings.  Many children with autism have a unique combination of these abnormalities and may possess some or all of these problems simultaneously. The early identification of these abnormalities helps clinicians and parents to choose the most effective treatment options.  Dr. Rossignol’s aim is to identify the unique biochemical abnormalities that each individual possesses (e.g., the biochemical fingerprint) and works to create the most effective treatments for these abnormalities using evidence-based medicine principles.

Join me and Dr. Dan Rossignol on The Listening Program Radio and Podcast tomorrow, April 1st at 8PM Eastern as we discuss the latest biomedical research on autism, his approach toward individualized treatment, and efforts to prepare other medical professionals to deliver the best possible care to children with autism through the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS). Register for an email reminder and submit a question for my esteemed guest.


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BREAD HEAD: How do we prevent America’s most feared disease?

Max Lugavere

Filmmaker and media personality Max Lugavere recently crushed his $75,000 goal on kickstarter, raising over $130,000 to produce a first of it’s kind documentary that explores the impact of our diets and lifestyles on brain health. Based on the results of his fundraising efforts with 1,748 backers including myself, I’d say people want to see BREAD HEAD: How do we prevent America’s most feared disease come to fruition.

Because changes in the brain begin decades before Alzheimer’s symptoms, the absolute best way we can move the needle on this disease is through minimizing risk when it matters most. Max Lugavere is directing this project which includes interviews with David Perlmutter, MD, and many other thought leaders working to help prevent and treat this and other devastating neurodegenerative diseases.

Join me and Max Lugavere on TLP Radio and Podcast tomorrow, March 4th at 8PM EST as we discuss Alzheimers, the BREAD HEAD documentary, and how you can take control of your brain health. Register for an email reminder.


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Neuroscience, Personalized Medicine and Faith


Did you catch my discussion with neurologist Jay Lombard on The Listening Program® Radio a couple weeks ago?

It was a fascinating conversation. And, you can enjoy the podcast here.

About the program

Neuroscience provides amazing insights into the complex biology of the human brain, but can it do more? Is neuroscience also a gateway to inner being? And, can there be common ground between neuroscience and faith that are not mutually exclusive?  Both science and religion seek truth and meaning, and Dr. Jay Lombard postulates that science plus faith equals consciousness. In this episode of TLP Radio Alex Doman and his guest neurologist and author Jay Lombard explore Dr. Lombard’s fascinating career, how the personalized medicine research he is doing at Genomind is improving lives, and the intersection of neuroscience and faith.

This program will help you to understand

  • What is personalized medicine?
  • How genetic and biological markers can inform psychiatric treatments.
  • What is consciousness?
  • And much more…

Coming Attractions

Happy to share my guest for TLP Radio on March 4th. Max Lugavere is a TV personality and the filmmaker behind the coming documentary BREAD HEAD: Can we prevent America’s most feared disease. The Kickstarter campaign for BREAD HEAD has been a massive success and happens to end today.        


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