Healing at the Speed of Sound: Japanese Edition Released


My book Healing at the Speed of Sound® was released in Japan today by ASCII Media Works, although I have yet to hold the Japanese edition in my hands. This adds to the list of English, Korean, French and Complex Chinese editions. I’m delighted that our message of the transformative power of music and sound is continuing to spread globally.

My co-author Don Campbell (also bestselling author of The Mozart Effect®) taught music in Japan in the early years of his career. He had a deep affection for the country and its people. I know how much this book release would please him. This is me raising a celebratory cup of Ginjo to you Don, Kanpai!

For English speaking readers, Healing at the Speed of Sound is available in hardcover, paperback, eBook (kindle, Nook), enhanced eBook (kindle fire, Nook color, iTunes), and audio book wherever books are sold.

If you’ve read Healing at the Speed of Sound I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what steps you’ve taken to make music and sound part of your health and wellness practice.

Don Campbell Memorial Service

Back in June my dear friend Don Campbell passed away of pancreatic cancer at age 65. Don was an authority on the transformative power of music, my co-author on Healing at the Speed of Sound® and author of 22 additional books including The Mozart Effect®.

My wife Mandy and I were privileged to attend Don’s Memorial in Boulder, Colorado on June 13th where we celebrated Don’s life together with friends and his family; in words, music, laughter, prayer and meditation. Don influenced countless people across the globe, most of whom could not join us for this glorious celebration. For those who could not be there I am pleased to share that some of his talented friends produced a wonderful video of the service which you can view below.

Even if you didn’t know Don, if you watch this video you’ll come to appreciate him, simply by seeing how he touched those who knew and could not help but love this amazing being.

Don Campbell Memorial Video

Healing at the Speed of Sound Book Preview

The web design team at Advanced Brain Technologies has just completed a new release of the Official Website for my upcoming book Healing at the Speed of Sound!

Included in the current update is a preview of the Table of Contents, Preface written by Julia Cameron, and  the Introduction. Take a look here!

Other additions include an introduction video and new endorsements for the book.

Mozart Soothes Premature Babies

My wife and I just returned from an appointment with our OB to check on the progress of our son Brendan who is due to arrive in January.  As an expectant father and producer of therapeutic music programs I am a huge believer in the positive benefits of exposing our son to music in utero and beyond.

So,  I just opened my email and sitting in my Inbox is a study forwarded to me by my friend and collaborator Don Campbell that demonstrates that Mozart soothes premature babies.  Now, this is no revelation for those of us in the field, but it it gratifying to see researchers continue to study the effects of music on newborns, at a time when our auditory system is most vulnerable to the onslaught of noise we are faced with as we exit the birth canal and leave the warmth and comfort of the fluid filled womb.

The Israeli study demonstrated that healthy, premature infants who listened to Mozart  had a 10-13 % reduction in resting energy expenditure compared to those with no music exposure.  The study did not evaluate other music and has not been replicated but the findings are interesting and support further scientific exploration. This study will be published in the January print issue of the journal Pediatrics. Read the story in the online edition of U.S. News & World Report.

So, when Brendan arrives will there be music to greet him? The answer is an unequivocal YES!! What will he be listening to? Well, to be honest the award-winning Music for Babies collection that I co-produced with my dear friend Richard Lawrence a few years ago. Newborn or otherwise, I can assure you Sleepy Baby and Peaceful Baby will ease the stress of your day.

The Musical Cure


Will music ever be prescribed as a remedy to treat or even cure chronic disease?  Perhaps, and recent research indicates we may be closer to the musical cure than previously thought imaginable.


We all recognize music has a salutary effect. Who hasn’t used a tune to relax, focus, or improve their mood? Our understanding of music is emerging. The wheat is separating from the chaff as we move beyond pseudoscientific claims of music effects, to clinical trials that demonstrate the benefits the right musical prescription may hold.


My colleague and dear friend Vera Brandes, is director of the research program in music and medicine at the Paracelsus Private Medical University in Salzburg, Austria. Vera has been principal in the charge to apply real scientific methods to music research. Today her efforts are featured in an article in The New York Times Composing Concertos In the Key of RX.


Article Excerpt

In a pilot study, which in 2008 received a citation at the annual scientific meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Baltimore, Ms. Brandes and international associates investigated the effects of music on patients suffering from hypertension for which no organic cause can be found.


“Conventionally hypertensive patients are treated with beta blockers, which suppress In their symptoms,” Ms. Brandes said. “Music can address the psychosomatic root causes.”


According to her study, listening to a specially designed music program for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for four weeks, patients experienced clinically significant improvements in heart-rate variability, a major indicator of autonomous nervous function. In her next study Ms. Brandes will subject these findings to a full-fledged clinical trial.


Read on Composing Concertos in the Key of Rx


The evidence that music is good for us will continue to expand and one day in the not so distant future you may have a music prescription written for you. Until then, keep listening and know music is good for more than your soul.


Addendum- Having read a comment on twitter and FriendFeed about this post let me be clear. MUSIC WORKS!!! I have spent 15 years researching and developing psychoacoustically based music programs. This post, and the article it is about is highlighting the fact that music research has reached a new level entirely!

Introduction to SoundSwell™


Wanted to introduce you to a new blog that I am very excited to be doing with Don Campbell author of The Mozart Effect®. 


SoundSwell™ is a blog about the rising musical tide around us: the negative effects of noise and the positive effects of organized rhythmic sounds and melodies that improve and sometimes heal us. This is a part of our HATSS™ project that is surveying the hundreds of studies that have been made in the past few years for the purpose of helping teachers, students, parents and healthcare workers improve their lives with music.