The Listening Program Autism Giveaway


Last month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new findings revealing the prevalence of diagnosed autism spectrum disorder has risen to epidemic proportions.  1 in 50!

With the average cost of autism over the lifespan being $3.2 million dollars per person families need all the help they can get.  I’m happy to share that we are going to give one of these families a little support.

Using The Listening Program® (TLP) for just 15 minutes each day has been making a huge difference in the lives of families affected by autism. TLP has been voted Best Product at Autism One, is Autism Approved by the Autism Hope Alliance, and is Generation Rescue approved!

TLP is enjoyable acoustically-modified music that helps reduce sensory sensitivities and increase comfort in the environment for children and adults on the autism spectrum. It gently helps to desensitize emotional reactions to sound, reduce stress, and improve brain performance.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we’re providing a family with a chance to benefit from TLP SPECTRUM. Our winner will receive a scholarship worth more than $2,300, including: TLP SPECTRUM, the WAVES™ bone conduction audio system, AND coaching from a TLP Certified Provider!

Entering is easy.  Just like the Advanced Brain Technologies Facebook fan page, enter your contact info, and tell us in 100 words or fewer how TLP SPECTRUM could help your child.

Please enter here:  Hurry, the contest ends soon!

Attending Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference 2013? Stop by our booth in the Generation Rescue Lounge. On Friday, May 24th at 3:30 pm I’ll be presenting  Acoustically-Modified Music: Brain Based Training for Improving Auditory Processing and Sound Hypersensitivity. I hope to see you there!

TLP SLEEP Giveaway!


Sleepless nights are rough and take a short and long-term toll on our mental and physical health.  If you are a regular reader of The Brain Understanding Itself you’ve seen me posting a lot about sleep lately. You also likely know that my company recently launched a revolutionary auditory sleep aid, The Listening Program® SLEEP, that offers a safe, natural, drug- free solution that is helping 3 out of 4 people go to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week 2013 we decided to help more people receive the gift of sleep by giving two lucky fans of the Advanced Brain Technologies Facebook page their very own TLP SLEEP systems!  You can enter here:

If you can make it join Dr. Seth Horowitz and me tonight for a free teleseminar on sleep rhythms to gain a better understanding of events that negatively impact your sleep rhythms and what you can do about it.  Register here

Healing at the Speed of Sound Paperback Giveaway


Would you like to win an autographed copy of my Bestseller Healing at the Speed of Sound®? Read on and I’ll tell you how!

Each author has their own reason to write. And the creative process is different for us all.  The motivation my co-author Don Campbell and I had for writing Healing at the Speed of Sound was to share that sound is an unrecognized pillar of health.  Our message… noise harms, and sound, music and silence can heal.  It seems our readers recognize the real impact sound has in their lives, and are taking control of the power of sound to improve their mind, body, and spirit!

Healing at the Speed of Sound was released in paperback by Plume this week, just a little over a year following the hardcover release. This milestone is bittersweet. You see, my good friend Don passed away earlier this year. He is on my mind as are memories of our nearly three years spent writing the book together.

Writing with Don was a remarkable process.  Don was a seasoned author who took me, the apprentice under his wing.  In his career Don wrote 23 books translated in nearly as many languages. Included among them the groundbreaking Bestseller The Mozart Effect®.  Don was conceivably the most creative person I have ever known; whereas, I tend more toward linearity.  He wrote with light speed, me, well… This post will take about an 90 minutes to write!  We combined his inspired genius with my practical mindset and penned a book that fused our shared interests and unique perspectives.

There were many memorable moments in our writing journey, but what sticks with me most is the trust Don had in me to share my ideas, merge them with his, and together craft a message that will forever hold great meaning for us both. There were times in the creative process I hit the wall, writers block! I could not extract the ideas in my mind to the written word. These were occasions I practiced what I teach and turned to my muse, music.

What music, artist or songs bring you creative inspiration? Share in the comments before noon mountain time on Tuesday, November 6th.  After I cast my vote I’ll select my favorite comments and pick two winners to receive an autographed copy of Healing at the Speed of Sound in paperback! The winners will be announced in the comments. Good luck!

TLP Achieve Giveaway Winner Announced

Last Tuesday I posted a blog asking a simple question. What do I want to achieve this fall?

What wasn’t so simple were the answers I received.  One hundred and fifteen people responded with comments as varied as the composition of a patchwork quilt. It was enlightening to read each of your responses. You affirmed our decision to develop the TLP Achieve program to help people increase mental performance through sound brain fitness.

As promised we have selected a random winner for the TLP ACHIEVE GIVEAWAY. The winner is Cathy Petrie! Congratulations Cathy! Please email me directly at and we’ll contact you with details on how to claim your $1500 TLP Achieve prize package.

For those of who entered and didn’t win, let me share that after reading your comments I wish we could have given each of you the prize. What we can give you is a free consultation and special offer to help you get started with TLP Achieve by September 30th, 2012.  Please contact us at Advanced Brain Technologies 1.801.622.5676, or complete this form to get started.

Wishing you each great success as you strive to reach your goals for this fall and beyond!

Sound brain fitness and work-enhancing music for peak performance giveaway

How would you like some help achieving your goals this fall?

Personally, now that summer has come to an end and the kids are back in school, I’m in success mode. I’m sharpening the saw in all areas of my personal and professional life. One of the tools I’ll be using to accomplish my goals and stay mentally sharp is a new Advanced Brain Technologies sound brain fitness program just announced today, TLP Achieve™.

TLP Achieve was created to increase mental performance. It trains the brain with motivating, evidence-based music to support sound brain fitness. It provides an ergogenic “work enhancing” effect to help people achieve in areas of their lives where performance matters most— family, school, career, and personal endeavors.

TLP Achieve can help hone areas that are crucial for success:

  • auditory processing
  • learning
  • communication
  • executive function
  • creative expression
  • energy level
  • motivation
  • self awareness

So, what do you want to achieve in the coming months? If you’d like to give TLP Achieve a try to see how it can help you accomplish your goals, here’s your opportunity…

TLP ACHIEVE GIVEAWAY— Advanced Brain Technologies is giving away a TLP Achieve prize package worth more than $1,500! The prize package includes; TLP Achieve program preloaded on a 16 GB iPod nano with AKG headphones, shipped directly to you; and 3 months of personal coaching with an ABT Certified Provider of The Listening Program!

All you have to do to enter the contest is be 18 or over and leave a comment below answering the following question.   What do I want to achieve this fall? 

Deadline for comments is Friday, September 7th at 5:00pm MST. The winner will be picked at random and announced here on Monday, September 10th at Noon MST.

I look forward to reading your comments. Good luck!

Learn more about TLP Achieve.