Healing at the Speed of Sound Apple’s ‘Top 10 Enhanced Books of the Year’ iTunes Rewind 2011

This afternoon I heard exciting news from one of my editors at Hudson Stress Press-Penguin Group USA that I just had to share.

Last week Apple released its iTunes Rewind selections for 2011, revealing the best music, apps, TV shows, movies, books and podcasts of the year. And… Healing at the Speed of Sound® was awarded as one of the ’Top 10 Enhanced Books of the Year’!

This is a prestigious honor awarded to only a handful of books selected by Apple’s editorial staff, and based on best-selling purchases of the year.  I’m thrilled to see the great response we continue to get to the book from the media, our readers, and now from Apple!

This is my first post since the book was released on September 29th. The book launch has been a whirlwind of activity. Now that things are settling down somewhat I plan to start sharing information here more frequently. Thank you all for your support!

Welcome to Healing at the Speed of Sound!

Three years of planning, research, writing, and editing have led to this moment!

Welcome to Healing at the Speed of Sound®.

Thank you to our publisher Hudson Street Press, Penguin Group USA and the entire Healing at the Speed of Sound team for helping this dream become a reality!

Available in ALL book formats everywhere books and Enhanced eBooks are sold.

7 Week Update

Over the course of the last week the team behind Healing at the Speed of Sound™ has been busy preparing for the book launch on September 29th.

A couple of book trailers are in production. The trailer for the enhanced e-book edition will debut late next week. Filming for that was completed in Colorado yesterday and is now in the hands of our video editor in Los Angeles. This evening I saw the first storyboard for the full book trailer and am thrilled with the direction it is heading.

More news is that our music production team completed Music for Healing at the Speed of Sound™ Volumes 1 and 2.  Masters are complete, packaging designed, and manufacturing starts next week. The official street date for these albums is October 11th. More information on the music coming soon!

My co-author Don Campbell and me are excited to share vital information about the impact of noise on your health, the importance of silence, and how to help you use sound and music to transform your life! More updates coming soon.