ISQRMM Music and Medicine Conference Presentation


I just received confirmation that the Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM) has accepted our abstract entitled “Cross-Cultural Sound and Music: A Novel Rhythmic Approach for Improving Brain Function” to be presented as a workshop session during the 2013 conference to be held on July 26-27, 2013, at the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music in Athens, Georgia!  I’ll be presenting along with my colleagues, occupational therapist Sheila Allen, and master ethnic percussionist and composer Nacho Arimany.

If you follow or are involved with our work at Advanced Brain Technologies you really won’t want to miss this conference. In addition to our presentation (see abstract below) more than 20 music effects researchers will be presenting from around the world.

Cross- Cultural Music and Sound: A Novel Rhythmic Approach for Improving Brain Function 

The integration of acoustic elements: frequency, amplitude, time and spatiality, form the basis for how sound affects us.  Since ancient times, sound has been used with great purpose to affect man.  More recently, in the last seventy years, ongoing technological and scientific advances have enabled the development of sound-based programs for applications ranging from brain injury rehabilitation to wellness, and peak mental performance.

Beginning with its release of The Listening Program® in 1999, Advanced Brain Technologies, a leader in applied psychoacoustics and music cognition, has been combining artistry, musicianship, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration with technological innovations to record and produce music-based methods specifically created to improve and support brain function in children and adults.

The next generation of sound/music for brain fitness begins at the 2013 ISQRMM Conference. This presentation will unveil the newest development in The Listening Program, comprised entirely of original music which highlights and connects acoustic elements through a distinctive integration of rhythmic cross-cultural sounds.

This dynamic session will include the worldwide debut of this originally composed music through live and recorded performance, and audience participation. The history, rationale, and applications of this ground-breaking program will be presented by its creators.

Join us! Athens is a great college town, registration is only $75, and the conference hotel rates are very reasonable. Online registration is now open and may be accessed at

Also, be sure to stay on for The Listening Program® provider training course hosted at the University the day after the conference on Sunday the 29th. Registration information is available here.





US Autism and Asperger Association 2012 World Conference & Expo

USAAA 2012 World Coference & Expo

I’m heading to Denver this week for the US Autism & Asperger Association 2012 Conference & Expo where I’ll be presenting “Auditory Hypersensitivity and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Treatable Condition” on Saturday from 11:30-12:30. I’ll be doing a book-signing for Healing at the Speed of Sound® immediately following my presentation.

If you are coming, please be sure to drop by the Advanced Brain Technologies booth, say hello, and try out our new sound brain fitness programs including TLP Spectrum™!


After an uneventful road trip traveling I-80 across the southern plains of Wyoming! my wife and I clocked another 441 miles on the trusty Land Rover as we arrived in Ft. Collins, Colorado late yesterday.

Why Ft. Collins? Well, I was invited to deliver a Keynote to a room full of Brain Gym Instructors who have descended on the Colorado State University Campus for the 2012 Annual Brain Gym® Conference. I’m here to share our work at Advanced Brain Technologies and the benefits of sound brain fitness at my Friday morning presentation Healing at the Speed of Sound®.

Greatly looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and listening to an exciting lineup of speakers including: Bill Huber the developer of Bal-A-Vis-X; Charles Krebs, creator of the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP); Nii Armah Sowah, director of the 1000 Voices Project, and Chris Brewer, musician, educator and founder of LifeSounds. It will be exciting to learn from this diverse group of experts who share a common interest in improving human performance through movement-based techniques.

In addition to speaking and learning we have a little fun planned too. Friday evening we are set to meet a friend for Tapas at Cafe Aion and to enjoy “Noises Off” at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder, which according to Frank Rich of The New York Times is  “The funniest play written in my lifetime.” Big conference dinner Saturday and on Sunday, more good times with great people in Boulder.

Back on the road Monday morning. Assuming the 441 miles home are uneventful I’ll let you know if Frank was right.

A Week of Sound, Music and the Brain

Several months back a good friend Vera Brandes who is the head of music medicine research at Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg sent me a link to an event happening at the university in our home town of Ogden, Utah. The event- The Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine Inaugural Music  & Medicine Symposium.  I had heard nothing of the young organization or the event about to take place in my own backyard. I was embarrassed a friend in Austria had to bring it to my attention. It was hard to believe such an important event was being held in our field of music effects research, in Ogden, and we knew nothing of it!  

So…Once I got the news I contacted the organizer Dr. David Akombo, co-founder of the organization and Assistant Professor of Music at Weber State University. We arranged a meeting, and quickly found many synergies. In short order ABT became the main sponsor and David and I went to work to expand the one day symposium to a full week of events with a partnership between Advanced Brain Technologies, Weber State University and The Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine.

A Week of Sound, Music and the Brain is Five Powerful Events in ONE!

June 2-6, 2011 some of the world leaders in music medicine research will gather in Ogden, Utah along with students, musicians, educators, healthcare providers, and others interested in music and the brain.

Event highlights:

June 2- Healing at the Speed of Sound™ Workshop. A Day with Don Campbell and myself, ABT Provider Forum, and ABT Open House.

June 3- ISQRMM Inaugural Music & Medicine Symposium. Keynote address by Mark Jude Tramo of  The Institute for Music & Brain Science, research papers presented by investigators from across the world, live music performances, and a workshop I will lead on music listening therapy.

June 4-6- TLP Provider Certification Course for healthcare, education and music professionals to certify to offer The Listening Program® and other ABT solutions to their clients and students.

This is going to be a life changing week for those who attend.

I hope you will join us and help spread the word! Please visit the event website to register online and learn more.

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation 10th International Symposium

The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation is a leader in SPD research, awareness and advocacy. Their 10th International Symposium is the place to be on March 5th and 6th if you are a parent or professional with an interest in a deeper understanding of how sensory response patterns affect everyday life.

Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA  and Author of the Sensory Profile and Sensory Profile School Companion is a featured speaker. There will also be a special presentation by Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR and Founder and Executive Director of  SPF Foundation.

Please visit the SPD Foundation for additional information.