Autism Hope Summit: Hope with a Plan


If you’ve ever felt frustrated or hopeless while dealing with the heartbreaking challenges of Autism, you’re not alone.

More than 3.5 million Americans live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Severe Autism diagnoses don’t need to be a living death sentence. Many of the severe symptoms of Autism can be greatly reduced, allowing these kids to overcome obstacles and live healthy, enriched lives.

My friend Kristin and the Autism Hope Alliance are gearing up to launch the 3rd Annual Autism Hope Summit: Hope with a Plan: Keeping Families Together, Whole & Healthy!

I serve on the board of the Autism Hope Alliance and am honored to be one of the featured guests discussing  Music Listening Therapy: A Sound Solution for Your Child on the Autism Spectrum. 

Learn more about this FREE online event!

Join me and over 25 of the world’s top experts in the field of Autism research and therapies experts for this special online event. You will be guided through high-impact tools, techniques and strategies that have been shown to make a difference for families just like yours.

For 10 consecutive days, you’ll get access to over 25 powerful sessions from the comfort of your own home, computer or mobile device. No travel needed!

The summit is starting soon…  Monday, May 14th through Wednesday, May 23rd. So be sure and register for this free event to reserve your “seat.” My interview will first air on the morning of the 16th.

I also recommend you add these dates to your calendar! This is a potentially life-changing event you won’t want to miss.

Register for this free online event now!

Whether you have a child diagnosed with Autism or know someone who does — your voice and presence in this journey of Autism is vital.

When you join us, you’ll be standing up for what each of us desperately needs in our own lives as we seek wellness and vitality for ourselves and for those we love: responsibility for our own diets, choices for health, support in our relationships, a plan for a brighter future.

Hope IS possible. And it’s now more possible, more real, than it’s ever been before.

I’ll “see” you there!


Autism Hope Alliance Summit: Hope with a Plan


This week I had the privilege of speaking at the Autism Hope Alliance Summit along with 31 of the world’s most trusted physicians, researchers, and therapists.

Thousands of people tuned in from 169 countries, which makes this truly a global event!

The summit is just coming to a close tomorrow, but I thought I would share since you can still catch my talk for free until tomorrow morning titled “Autism and Auditory Hypersensitivity: Causes and Solutions”.

Now they’ve just released all 31 expert audio sessions to the public, through an All-Access Digital Pass that will give you permanent, lifetime access to every audio, along with transcripts for easy note taking and more.

Check out the Autism Hope Summit All-Access Digital Pass HERE

Autism Hope Alliance has provided over $300,000 in special foods, supplements, books, cleaners, toys and other crucial supplies to families across America. They have also provided over $140,000 in scholarships to families to attend a parent training program at the Autism Treatment Center of America and given free lectures to over 4,000 families.

When you grab this unique and special All-Access Digital Pass, your small donation will go to funding more of these wonderful programs. Plus you’ll equip and empower your family with the latest tools, tips, therapies and resources that can help you and your child on your autism journey.

See the Speakers & Topics Included

In full disclosure I’m on the Board of Directors for Autism Hope Alliance, and volunteer my time to this organization because I believe in the cause!

Sound Advice on VoiceAmerica Autism One Radio

It has been some time since I have shared here at The Brain Understanding Itself.  Definitely a reflection of  an extremely busy and exciting time in my life. Please forgive my sparse posts!

I wanted to share my interview with Teri Arranga and Kristin Selby Gonzales on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network-Autism One Radio from earlier this week. We discuss autism spectrum disorders and the application of The Listening Program®, and how it can help children listen, learn, and connect.

Here is a link to the interview. Get the podcast in iTunes.

If you get a chance to listen I would love to have your questions and comments here.

Autism Symptom Remission NIH Patient Study Recruitment

The NIH is running a study that many of you will find of interest. Please read below and consider sharing with parents you know who have children on the autism spectrum who have had a reduction in  symptoms. I am very encouraged to see NIH investigate the growing reports of recovery and symptom remission in children diagnosed with asd’s.


Patient Recruitment Announcement at NIH:

Identification of Characteristics Associated with Symptom Remission in Autism

We are recruiting children and adolescents (ages 7-17) who, since being diagnosed with autism, have made significant improvements such that they no longer meet criteria for a diagnosis of autism.  We are also recruiting children who continue to meet criteria for autism, as well as typically developing children.  Our goal is to better understand how children who make remarkable improvement may differ from children who continue to meet criteria for autism.

The study involves several inpatient and outpatient visits to Bethesda, MD, that may occur over a few days or several weeks, depending on what works best for the child and his or her parents.  The study involves an autism diagnostic evaluation as well as a thorough neuropsychological and medical evaluation.  A summary of all clinically relevant study findings including results of the neuropsychological exam will be provided. There is no cost to participate and children are compensated for their time.  Travel assistance and lodging may be provided.

For further information please call the study coordinator at 301-435-7962 (TTY 866-411-1010) or email


This study announcement is from the NIH Patient Recruitment web site:

Visit the NIH Patient Recruitment home page at

Webinar-The Listening Program and Autism Spectrum Disorders

If you have an interest in learning more about The Listening Program® method of music listening therapy please join me for a live webinar this Sunday organized by the Akhil Autism Foundation.

The Listening Program® (TLP) is a music listening therapy that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life. This introductory webinar is free and will provide an overview of  the auditory system, auditory processing, and how music listening therapy can help improve the life of a child on the autism spectrum.

Date: Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009
Times: USA  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time)
India    9:30 PM – 10:30 PM IST (Indian Standard Time)


After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about the Webinar.

Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista

Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

New Autism Study Demonstrates The Listening Program Improves Auditory Skills

A new study in the UK demonstrates The Listening Program® developed by Advanced Brain Technologies improves auditory skills in children with autism.

“A Study to Establish Whether the Use of The Listening Program is Effective in Improving Auditory Skills for Children with Autism” was presented by Gwyneth Jeyes  at the Developmental Practitioners Association Conference “Children Matter” In Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom back in September.

Twelve children on the autism spectrum ranging in age from 5 yrs. 8 mo. to 12 yrs. 4 mo. in Northern Ireland participated in the study. Results from the SCAN-C test for Auditory Processing Disorders demonstrated improvements in auditory skills in all children who completed The Listening Program® method of music listening therapy.

The Listening Program® has been widely used for more than a decade to reduce auditory hypersensitivites, improve auditory discrimination, increase communication skills, and social engagement for children on the autism spectrum. The outcomes of this research are encouraging, consistent with other studies,  and warrant the design of  a larger, controlled study to explore the feasibility of more widespread use of this music listening therapy method to improve auditory processing skills for children with autism spectrum disorders.

To read the full study

Autism Awareness Month-Best Possible Life


It’s Autism Awareness Month. This is a time the world is bringing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to light, so they can be better understood and appreciated.

The autism community is unfortunately divided. Lines are drawn in the sand, Accept/Cure, and on. This post will not delve into the divide. I am not a parent of a child on the spectrum and  have not walked in their shoes. 

However, I am someone who cares deeply for families touched by autism as my family has for generations. What I think important is that we recognize each individual labeled as having an autism spectrum disorder as the unique and special person they are. For they like everyone I want nothing more than the BEST possible life they can have.  And, for those that love them to appreciate they have infinite potential. We should do all that we can to understand the cause(s), develop reliable early indentification, and provide sufficient opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development.

My company is the developer of The Listening Program® method of music-based auditory stimulation. It’s used by parents, educators, and healthcare professionals with hundreds if not thousands of people diagnosed with ASD’s on a daily basis.  I am vested in this discussion.  We work with people across the globe challenged with how to provide the best opportunities for families touched by these disorders.  Ultimately we all want the same thing, a happy, fulfilling life for those we serve. That’s where my awareness centers, today and everyday. 

Here are a few links I hope you find helpful:


Autism Hangout

Autism Research Institute

Autism Treatment Center of America  

Autism-Asperger’s Digest Magazine


Dr.Charles Shidlofsky 


National Association for Child Development 

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The Listening Program®

Autism: What the Experts Know (Disclaimer, while a contributor to this resource I in no way see myself as an expert on autism).