Based on over a decade of new research, Don Campbell, bestselling author of The Mozart Effect, and Alex Doman, an expert in the practical application of sound and listening, show how we can use music and silence to become more efficient, productive, relaxed, and healthy. Each chapter focuses on a single aspect of everyday life, providing advice, exercises, wide-ranging playlists, and links so readers can use the music they love to create the perfect soundtrack for any goal or task.

Also included are “Sound Profiles” – brief stories showing how real people creatively tap the power of sound to improve their own and others’ lives. Inspiring, practical, and truly enjoyable, Healing at the Speed of Sound™ opens the door to fuller, richer, and much more harmonious lives.

Where Can I Get Healing at the Speed of Sound?
Available everywhere books and eBooks are sold.

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2 thoughts on “Book

  1. Marie Louise Roy says:

    After reading Healing at the speed of sound (your book) i would like to send you (postal address) a copy of my latest album called “INVOCATION”. You would obviously know what to do with it and if you have specific results with it, I would be glad to be informed about it.
    My best regards and may healing spreat out on yur journey.
    You can listen a part of this CD at:

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