Your Brain is Better on Music


Have you ever listened to music to relax, study or exercise? If so, you’ve likely experienced the therapeutic benefits of music. In my first TEDx talk I share how scientifically designed music and neurotechnology can facilitate positive changes in brain chemistry, function and structure through the simple practice of listening. But there is more to it than meets the ear.

Watch, listen and discover why children and adults with autism, sleep, depression, learning, emotional, and stress related difficulties are being helped by the power of music to reveal and access their true potential.

This talk features the neuroscience-based music programs we have created at Advanced Brain Technologies, Vital Neuro, and Sleep Genius.

Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love, and Work


Several years ago I had the good fortune of meeting one of the brightest, most creative individuals I’ve ever crossed paths with, award-winning film producer and creativity expert, Barnet Bain.

I had been acquainted with his work through the powerful Oscar winning film What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams, which Barnet produced. It was a bit surreal sitting  at a dinner table for hours with Barnet, his lovely wife Sandi, and other brilliant friends at The Ivy in Santa Monica. The evening was spontaneous and  very reminiscent of a dinner scene in Steve Martin’s LA Story. What impressed me most was Barnet’s inquisitive nature, his deep interest in the brain, and how to tap it’s potential to help people realize their dreams.

Fast forward to 2015 and I’ve just finished The Book of Doing and Being, Barnet’s new self-help book. And I must say it is really superb!

With clarity, humor, and insight, award-winning filmmaker Barnet Bain guides readers to unlock the raw power of the creative self. Sharing creativity principles and practices at the leading edge, The Book of Doing and Being offers a life-altering map for stepping beyond what we already know and into a dimension of imagination from which innovation is born.

Known for his inspiring movies and documentaries, as well as his popular creativity workshops, Barnet Bain makes available his teachings for the first time in book form. Discover how will and action come together with imagination and feeling to form the very foundation of creativity by working with this treasury of more than forty transformative exercises. Each one is designed to spark new creative connections by challenging our usual ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving.

These lessons, tools, and techniques serve to unlock great reservoirs of creativity in every individual, whether it’s jumpstarting or completing a project, launching a new business, creating a work of art, experiencing more fulfilling relationships, or making other dreams come true. Bain’s motivational guidance includes: rewiring your brain to unleash ultra-creativity; finding freedom from self-criticism, perfectionism, and other obstructions to productivity and creative expression; harnessing the two forces of creativity: inspiration and action; discovering your emotions as the doorway to creative aliveness and ingenuity; and heeding the call of your Real Work, regardless of age, education, or experience.

Step by step, you will make the discovery of a lifetime: how to stop being ruled by your past and start consciously creating your present and future. You will be surprised and energized—by your next creative impulse, the next idea that excites you, the next experience that moves you—and you will live a creative life.

Join me and my guest Barnet Bain as we discuss his new book Doing and Being.

When? Wednesday, September 9th at 8PM Eastern. Register here for this live, free podcast

NOTE: This show was originally scheduled for September 2nd and has been rescheduled due to a scheduling conflict. Please join us on September 9th for Doing and Being on TLP Radio.

Spatial Awareness, Emotions and Memory


Three years ago I had the opportunity to present our work at Advanced Brain Technologies to the attendees of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization Conference in Boston. You meet the most interesting people at these events. One standout from this gathering was a fascinating woman named Dr. G, Chief Brainiac behind The George Greenstein Institute, and one of the brainy minds behind Inventio!Brains.

Since Boston we’ve kept in touch through the social network and industry events like the Sharp Brain Virtual Summit.  I’ve grown increasingly curious about the lens Dr. G sees the world through bridging between neuroscience and the arts, so I’ve invited her to join me as a guest on the Sound Brain Fitness Teleseminar Series tomorrow evening to explore her work.

You can learn more about this event below. Registration is free. I hope you’ll join us for what I am sure will be a fun and informative hour.     

Spatial Awareness, Emotions and Memory 

Some call it cognitive mapping. Some call it spatial memory. Whatever you call it, be sure to recognize and practice the strategic use of your hippocampal networks for dynamic, whole brain attention, memory and growth!

Drawing on decades of research and teaching of applied neuroscience and spatial mapping practices to artists and designers, Dr. Greenstein shares her insights on training spatial awareness, emotions and memory and the “What, How, When and Where” value distinctions between using stimulus reward and strategic mapping practices for gaming.

In this talk, Alex and his guest, an expert in applied neuroscience and “knowledge transfer” Dr. M. A. Greenstein will explore 3 big ideas impacting your brain health and ed/psych practices:

• Cognitive Mapping and Landmarking is the best kept secret for promoting good brain health practice through your lifetime

• Active Observation and Mindful Attention are key for promoting Cognitive Mapping and Landmarking

• Cognitive Mapping and Landmarking are encoded, stored and used again by visual and spatial strategies found in performing arts training as well as online gaming

Date: April 3, 2013   Time: 8:00 pm Eastern

Free Registration

What do your feelings sound like?

Music Feelings

My musical choices are greatly influenced by my current mood. Today, I am feeling centered, grounded, focused, and grateful.

My soundtrack; Conditions of My Parole from Maynard Keenan’s @Puscifer. The song Monsoons is on repeat,  my sonic companion, not only supporting, but optimizing my current mood state.

What’s your soundtrack today? And… what does it say about your feelings? Share @alexdoman.

Am I a Psychopath?

Writer and documentary filmmaker Jon Ronson explores the world of psychopaths in his latest book, The Psychopath Test. Yesterday TED posted his talk; strange answers to the psychopath test. 

Entertaining talk which may just answer the question- Am I a Psychopath? Incidentally sound expert  Julian Treasure  is the man creating the fantastic live-mixed sound on this talk. He is one of my favorite TED speakers and an upcoming guest on my monthly Sound Brain Fitness teleseminar series. Information to come on that soon…