The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sound

chloe laughing

One of the great benefits of my friendship with the late Don Campbell, besides co-authoring Healing at the Speed of Sound® together, are the wonderful people I have met through him. Among them is the lovely Chloë Goodchild, a radiant international singer, innovative educator, and now author whose new book The Naked Voice I will share a little bit about now.

Both science and spirituality agree that every particle of matter, every phenomenon we experience, is a form of resonance or vibration. The human voice is quite literally a mouthpiece of this truth; there is no form of expression more personal, more tied to our identities, than our voices.

In her book, The Naked Voice Chloë Goodchild gives readers the tools to guide them in a process of sound healing and soul communication that is guaranteed to open the heart and restore forgiveness, compassion, and interconnectedness between individuals and in their communities. At the heart of every human journey exists the longing to feel at home in one’s self and in the world.

This Wednesday, January 6th at 8 pm Eastern Chloë will join me on The Listening Program Radio as my first guest of 2016. Join us as we discuss her book and the essential components of The Naked Voice. 

Register here for an email reminder and to ask Chloe a question we can answer during the program.



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