Bloom, Brain-Based Parenting

Lynne Kenney I’ve come to know some truly exceptional people via social media over the years and Dr. Lynne Kenney is one of the stand outs. A mother of two, practicing pediatric psychologist, and the author of The ¬†Family Coach Method, Dr.Kenney has just published the first multi-media book on parenting. Taking its lead from neuroscience and best practices in early childhood mental health, Bloom, the latest book from Dr. Lynne Kenney and Wendy Young offers parents, teachers and care providers the words, thoughts and actions to raise calm, confident children, while reducing the need for consequences and punishment. Bloom allows you to take a collaborative stance with your children, improving their cognitive, emotional and social skills. It offers a new approach to human relationships that will change the way you perceive, think, and feel about parenting, love, work and life. Join me and my guest Lynne Kenney on The Listening Program Radio this Wednesday, July 1st at 8 pm Eastern as we discuss her new book Bloom, and how we can say, think and do things differently in order to parent and teach children who are anxious, angry, and over-the-top. Register here to submit a question for Dr. Kenney and to receive an email reminder 3 hours before the program.

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