Psychoacoustic Music

I found this to be an interesting and in-depth review of our Sleep Genius mobile apps which emphasizes the strength of the collaboration between the creators of our novel sleep technology.



by: Wan

It’s not hard to miss the days when we get to wake up whenever we want, refreshed and relaxed in bed while a warm and soft blanket covers you. Nowadays, the first thing that greets us when we wake is our own blaring alarm, reminding us to get ready to go to school or work, and we would get up, stumbling and staggering about, groggy from the lack of sleep. Such is the life of high school and college students everywhere. However, what if grogginess never appeared? How would you like to wake up everyday feeling refreshed and awake even if you didn’t get enough hours of sleep? An app called Sleep Genius can provide you with that opportunity. Using a combination of binaural beats and soft acoustic music, Sleep Genius provides users a smooth transition from sleep to a state of awakening. Though the concept of binaural…

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