Alive Inside: The Story of Music and Memory


Perhaps you saw the viral video that was going around in the summer of 2012. It featured an elderly gentleman in a nursing home, coming alive through listening to music from his era as if it was manna from heaven. I posted about Henry’s Music back then not knowing that two years later a social worker named Dan Cohen, the man responsible for giving the gift of music to Henry would be my guest on The Listening Program® Radio.

That video was a clip from the production of Alive Inside, the 2014 Sundance Audience Award winning documentary, which brings attention to the work of nonprofit Music & Memory, which promotes the use of music to transform the lives of elders in nursing homes and at their own home regardless of cognitive or physical limitations. This captivating and touching film profiles Henry and other aging elders who are caught in the shattering grip of dementia, but who find light and hope through the beautiful sounds of personal music.

Join me and my guest Dan Cohen, the founder of Music & Memory for what is sure to be an inspiring conversation on The Listening Program Radio Monday, October 6th at 8 pm Eastern.

Register here to receive an email reminder before the free call.

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