Forgive me

Sleep Genius App Store


Forgive me, I can’t contain my excitement!

After months of hard work by an amazing group of people today we launched the entirely new Sleep Genius app for iOS. And then the most amazing thing happened… It has been featured as a Best New App in the App Store! Personally, I have to  agree with Apple on that point.

Can’t sleep like 25% of your family and friends? Check out the app and tell me what you think!

Android users, the new app will be in Google play anytime now.

Wearables anyone? Sleep Genius seamlessly integrates with Jawbone Up and Fitbit. Note you’ll need to in app purchase Premium for $4.99 to access the Dashboard then do your Personalized Sleep Setup to connect your wearable. Use Samsung Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo? You’ll find the app pre loaded on your device.  Gear fit, find it here.

Promotional plug officially over. Thanks for listening… And sleep well… Zzz…


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