Back At It

Musical Brain

Did you miss me? Perhaps you didn’t notice I was gone… Either way, I wanted to share that I’m back at it! Back at what you ask? Blogging…

In November I decided to take a hiatus from writing posts so I could focus with a really awesome team of people to launch two exciting products for Advanced Brain Technologies and Sleep Genius. One of these launched in February. It is a rhythm-based music listening therapy called inTime and I must say it is incredible! I couldn’t be happier about the response to it and the stories I am already hearing about the lives it is touching. More on that in-time… The other launch is happening this Friday, and I can hardly wait to share that one with you. If you have difficulty sleeping, you definitely want to stay tuned. And the best way to do that is to follow this blog via email. You’ll find the sign up on the top right of this site. Just type in your email address. It’s super easy!

Those who follow this blog and my work will know that my focus, besides my amazing wife and kids, is on elevating people’s lives by helping them achieve and maintain their sound brain fitness. This is akin to physical exercise making us healthier. To help make the brain fit and performing at its best, you can engage in healthy sound practices which include avoiding noise as much as possible to preserve hearing and reduce stress, and by having a daily listening practice with music listening therapy to feed your brain with the sounds and music it is so hungry for. I can tell you it is absolutely incredible what just these two lifestyle changes can do to help you live a healthier, more productive and happy life!

Did you know that music can change how your brain works?  If you didn’t know, I want you to, because that knowledge can transform your life! To learn more about this idea you might enjoy reading about a recent study at the University of Liverpool that has shown that even brief musical training can increase blood flow in the brain. This research also adds to an existing evidence base that suggests that areas responsible for music and language share common brain pathways. Pretty cool right?

4 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. Patricia Simpson says:


    I live in Ogden and am nursing a brain injury.  Do you do private consultations, especially RE: Sleep.


    • Alex Doman says:

      Hello Patricia,

      I’d like to refer you to another organization in Ogden to assist with direction on your brain injury recovery. NACD works with brain injured people worldwide and is based at 549 25th Street. My father Bob Doman is the founder and director and has been doing this work for 45 years. Their website is, phone 801.621.8606. While the information you’ll see is largely directed toward helping children, they also serve adults.

      We do have a program that may help your sleep here at Advanced Brain Technologies. It is called TLP SLEEP If you would like to drop by our office, our staff would be very happy to sit down and discuss if it may be a good option for you. We are located at 5748 South Adams Avenue Parkway Ogden, UT 84405. You’ll find us just 1/2 mile past Ogden Regional Medical Center on the toll-road. Our phone number is 801.622.5676. Take care, Alex

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