Off to Monterrey, Mexico


Tomorrow morning I’m off to Monterrey, Mexico to present at III Congreso Internacional Neurociencia y Aprendizaje hosted by Universidad Tecmilenio and our Mexican Representatives Sonica. I really enjoy my biannual trip south of the border where I receive such warm greetings from my good friends! If you’ve traveled to Monterrey you know how amazing the locals are. The mountains are beautiful and remind me of home (Ogden, Utah). Yet, another draw is the regional food which is muy excellente! Every tried Cabrito?

I’ll be instructing a TLP Provider Certification Course with simultaneous Spanish translation with Leon Flores, MD, Gaby Urdiales and Sheila Allen on the 10th and 11th. The 12th is the main conference open to the public where I’ll be presenting on our auditory-vestibular sleep technology in the morning.  Late afternoon I’ll be joined by my collaborators Sheila Allen and Nacho Arimany for our two-hour program titled Intercultural Sound and Music: A Novel Rhythmic Approach for Improving Brain Function.

One unique aspect of the TLP Provider Certification Course we are offering is that we’ll have about one hundred psychology and education students from the university attending in addition to their instructors and other professionals. That makes for a big group! It certainly will be an interesting challenge (opportunity) to teach a course that we generally cap at forty on that scale! Wish us luck…

2 thoughts on “Off to Monterrey, Mexico

  1. abthatts says:

    Have a wonderful trip. I would love to be there for the presentation!

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