Never work a day in your life


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


How right Confucius was. What got me thinking about this quote was this picture of my son Brendan. My wife often sends me photos and videos of our family when I am at the office or traveling on business. A highly effective ploy to get me home.

Today’s image of Brendan listening and coloring autumn leaves as we begin the rhythm of the fall season gave me a feeling of immediate gratitude. Appreciation that each day when I wake I GET to do what I LOVE.

Why do I love my job? I am surrounded by amazing, brilliant, caring people. And what we do as a collective team touches lives through listening in meaningful and often profound ways, including my own family.

Case in point. My son is among dozens of participants in a preliminary clinical trial investigating the benefits of a rhythmic music listening program we’ve been developing over the past several years. He is listening to intercultural rhythms and music that in just a few short weeks appear to have made a dramatic shift in his brain sparking his imagination, musicality, communication, planning, play, rhythm and timing. And, I’m hearing similar reports from others. Many of which are transformational, giving me great excitement to see what range of benefits may come for the kids and adults who are involved in our research.

It’s the results that drive me to do the job I love, and the reason why I will never have to work a day in my life. 

4 thoughts on “Never work a day in your life

  1. Georgena Bayless says:

    As a new provider, I’m beginning with my 29 year old daughter and her children. I’m using Spectrum and bone conduction. The kids argue about who gets to go first, and my daughter tells me she’s sad when the session ends. Thanks for your dedication to improving brain health and efficiency.

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