REBOOT YOUR BRAIN- Neuroscience for Better Sleep

Alex Doman

My friend Erin Matlock, and the team at Brain Pages, have created a unique, life-changing online event called REBOOT YOUR BRAIN. Over 20 premier researchers, physicians, psychologists, authors and experts will show you cutting edge ways to UPGRADE YOUR BRAIN.

The event starts October 14th.  I’m honored to be included among the esteemed panel of presenters discussing Neuroscience for Better Sleep on Day 3. Are you or a loved one among the over 40 million American adults suffering from a chronic sleep disorder? If so, please join me as I explain why it may be you can’t sleep at night. I’ll also be providing neuroscience based recommendations for catching some healthy zzz’s.

And the best part is — the event is completely FREE to everyone who registers.
Check out this list of speakers and reserve your spot right now!

3 thoughts on “REBOOT YOUR BRAIN- Neuroscience for Better Sleep

  1. Michelle Suzuki says:

    Hi Alex, congratulations on the release of your book in Japanese! What great news! I just downloaded your kindle version in English yesterday and am racing through it, enjoying it very much!
    I am a Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Therapist who calls Japan home , and am working hard to increase awareness of the brain and sound therapies especially in relation to auditory processing and learning difficulties in children. It’s a very exciting area to be working in, but here in Japan, there is surprisingly, very little knowledge in the mainstream about these important links.
    I think your book is going to be great in helping to get the word out there, and will be picking up a copy/copies for sure!! Thanks so much!

    • Alex Doman says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your message. We are quite excited to have Healing at the Speed of Sound available in Japanese now. I do hope you enjoy the book and welcome your comments. Since you are a Johansen therapist you may be interested to know that we run provider training courses for The Listening Program in Japan. Our representative is based in Nagano. Here are her contact details in case you’d like to get in touch.


      NATURAL, Inc
      Official ABT Representative
      Contact: Yumiko Nakajima
      Phone: +26.224.9300
      Address: 1465 Suzuya bldg. 3rd floor
      Shindencho, Nagano, 380-0835


      • Michelle Suzuki says:

        Thanks Alex, greatly appreciated! I was very surprised to learn there are already 25 TLP providers spread throughout Japan! I am interested in hearing more about the program, and will certainly be in touch with Nakajima san.
        Thanks again!

        Regards, Michelle.

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