Gratitude: An Army for Autism


A couple days ago I received an email from a mother asking for my help.  She is campaigning for her 3 year old son with autism to receive federal funding for services.  The boy’s occupational therapist recommended The Listening Program® as an essential intervention to support his development.  To receive such funding from DisabilityCare Australia a case has to be made that this auditory based method of brain training is necessary and reasonable to fall within the funding criterion.

This mom shared that given the new rules of a government that previously paid for The Listening Program with our bone conduction audio technology for children with autism, that the ruling in this case would not only effect her son, but every child with autism and other needs applying for funding in the country to follow.

This is no small responsibility. Fortunately this mother who is incidentally an attorney has the strength of a peaceful warrior, empowered with the love for her son. So we quickly moved into action to amass an army standing for access to services for these children in need.

Just 24 short hours ago I sent personal emails to professionals who serve children with autism and asked if they could write a letter of support asking if that in their experience they felt The Listening Program was a necessary and reasonable autism intervention to share it in writing. A couple staff members here at Advanced Brain Technologies extended the outreach as did our Australia representative.

What happened subsequent to our request is nothing short of astonishing! Within fifteen-minutes of my first email, letters starting pouring in. As I read one after another I was overcome with emotion as I absorbed the words before me. Over the course of twelve hours, dozens of compelling, heartfelt messages arrived.  Who wrote them? Physicians, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, neuropsychologists, audiologists, social workers, reading specialists, neurodevelopmentalists , educators, school principals, educational therapists, cognitive rehabilitation therapists, parents, and heads of national autism charities.  Collectively these letters represent thousands of children with autism that have been helped through The Listening Program, coming from some of the world’s top therapists and authorities.

Here is one example:

“Dear Mr. Doman,

I am writing to you regarding the role of The Listening Program (TLP) as a necessary and reasonable therapy for children and adults with autism. As a physician who treats thousands of children and adults throughout the world (including Australia) who are afflicted with autism, I have seen the important measurable progress that our patients make when their families & therapists use TLP. For a large percentage of our patients, the TLP program, such as TLP with Bone Conduction, is a major therapeutic modality for reduction in autistic behaviors such as self injury and social isolation. Furthermore, we regularly see improvements in language, in eye contact, and in general cognitive function. For many of the children, they were never able to achieve these goals of therapy without TLP. Many of our autistic patients are able to remain at home by using TLP, thus avoiding institutionalization. Others have, through TLP, made important strides in participation in work and school, allowing them to gain further benefits of programs in which they were not functionally able to participate without TLP.

Our experience is that The Listening Program is a necessary and reasonable therapeutic treatment for autism, as it has been for years. Thank you for developing this treatment.”


Anonymous  (I have not yet requested permission to make this letter public, so I’ve removed the author’s name in respect of their privacy.)

The case is being presented in six hours. Mom is prepared with a bound book containing these letters, research, case studies, articles, and other evidence to compel the DCA not only to help her son, but potentially tens of thousands of Australian children standing behind him in need of this vital intervention.

We are standing with you mom, an army for autism awaiting the decision.

This experience has filled me with gratitude, to witness busy people in the autism community, taking time to immediately respond to the clarion call. I wish to take this opportunity to publicly thank each of you who took decisive and immediate action at my request. I am humbled and forever grateful.  – Alex

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