How Auditory Brain Training Can Change Your Life

Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD

If you follow the brain fitness field the name Michael Merzenich, Ph.D. will surely ring a bell. Dr. Merzenich, is one of the neuroscientists responsible for our current understanding of brain plasticity– the notion that the brain can change itself at any age.

I’ve followed his research since the mid nineties, and have to say his work has continued to validate what we observe in the functional and behavioral changes seen in clients using Advanced Brain Technologies products like The Listening Program®; the human auditory system is highly malleable.  It is susceptible to damage with over exposure to noise resulting in negative plasticity, and conversely responsive with positive neural change when provided with structured auditory training using certain salient sounds.

Dr. Merzenich is the Chief Science Officer for Posit Science, and author of the upcoming book Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your LifeI’ve asked him to join me for How Auditory Brain Training Can Change Your Life on the next episode of the Sound Brain Fitness Teleseminar Series coming up next week.  Together we’ll discuss his new book and explore these main points:

  • How you can improve your auditory listening abilities with neuroplasticity-based training to sharply improve your conversational, cognitive, speech and music abilities.
  • How training your brain as a master listener also refines your attentive powers and amplifies your baseline level of arousal—your “brightness.”
  • Evidence that these gains are attributable to strong, positive, enduring physical changes in your brain.  The trained brain is a stronger, better brain.
  • How combining auditory training and brain training in the other great perceptual and action-control domains, you can rejuvenate a struggling brain—and if taken seriously, can assure a more effective, happier, and more secure adult life.

Please join us, Wednesday, June 5th at 8 pm Eastern. The call is free, but will be at capacity. So sign up now, and be sure to call in early to reserve your spot!     

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