ISQRMM Music and Medicine Conference Presentation


I just received confirmation that the Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM) has accepted our abstract entitled “Cross-Cultural Sound and Music: A Novel Rhythmic Approach for Improving Brain Function” to be presented as a workshop session during the 2013 conference to be held on July 26-27, 2013, at the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music in Athens, Georgia!  I’ll be presenting along with my colleagues, occupational therapist Sheila Allen, and master ethnic percussionist and composer Nacho Arimany.

If you follow or are involved with our work at Advanced Brain Technologies you really won’t want to miss this conference. In addition to our presentation (see abstract below) more than 20 music effects researchers will be presenting from around the world.

Cross- Cultural Music and Sound: A Novel Rhythmic Approach for Improving Brain Function 

The integration of acoustic elements: frequency, amplitude, time and spatiality, form the basis for how sound affects us.  Since ancient times, sound has been used with great purpose to affect man.  More recently, in the last seventy years, ongoing technological and scientific advances have enabled the development of sound-based programs for applications ranging from brain injury rehabilitation to wellness, and peak mental performance.

Beginning with its release of The Listening Program® in 1999, Advanced Brain Technologies, a leader in applied psychoacoustics and music cognition, has been combining artistry, musicianship, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration with technological innovations to record and produce music-based methods specifically created to improve and support brain function in children and adults.

The next generation of sound/music for brain fitness begins at the 2013 ISQRMM Conference. This presentation will unveil the newest development in The Listening Program, comprised entirely of original music which highlights and connects acoustic elements through a distinctive integration of rhythmic cross-cultural sounds.

This dynamic session will include the worldwide debut of this originally composed music through live and recorded performance, and audience participation. The history, rationale, and applications of this ground-breaking program will be presented by its creators.

Join us! Athens is a great college town, registration is only $75, and the conference hotel rates are very reasonable. Online registration is now open and may be accessed at

Also, be sure to stay on for The Listening Program® provider training course hosted at the University the day after the conference on Sunday the 29th. Registration information is available here.





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