Learning Made Easy with Sound Solutions

Gayle Moyers

Understanding how sound and music effect learning is often the key to reaching challenged and discouraged learners.  Music reaches parts of the brain that words, touch, and movement cannot.  Our role as parent or professional is empowered when we understand how to use music to increase a person’s ability to learn and achieve.

This Wednesday I’ll be exploring the sound—learning connection on the Sound Brain Fitness Teleseminar Series with my dear friend Gayle Moyers, creator of Learning Ears®. Gayle is a renowned educational therapist and expert in helping challenged learners. She and I will be discussing these four key points:

  • The role of music to connect the learner to thinking processes  (Triune Brain Theory)
  • The five essential steps for learning success
  • What we need to know about diagnostics and evaluations
  • What parents and professionals can do to make a difference

Join us! Free Registration

Date: May 1, 2013   Time: 8:00 pm Eastern



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