Jell-O Brain

JELL-O is practically considered a food group in Utah, the state I have called home for the past twenty years.  Green JELL-O with carrots being a potluck favorite.  I never acquired a taste for the viscose substance, but it seems to have inspired a group of scientists at Stanford to help make the brain transparent so it can be viewed in all its three-dimensional splendor.

According to an article in the Science section of yesterday’s New York Times, they have created a process called Clarity, that preserves the biochemistry of the brain so researchers can study specific structures that could hold answers to conditions such as  autism, schizophrenia and ptsd. Here’s a link to the article in journal Nature if you’d like to learn more.

If you have any good JELL-O recipes that may help me acquire a taste for the stuff, please post them here!


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