Buenos dias from Bogota

Bogota, Colombia

Photo Credit: Jason Pitcher

Buenos días from Bogotá, Colombia. Arrived last night following a small travel snafu; my flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta was delayed 4 hours, which meant a missed connection on the only daily flight to Bogotá! Fortunately, my Delta agent was able to route me through Houston for an on time arrival through United. Nice recovery Delta! The next travel moment was checking into my hotel, Bogotá Plaza Summit Hotel. On arrival the night manager very apologetically informed me that I had no room for the evening. Fortunately the GM was kind enough to let me use her personal suite so I wasn’t out in the streets in a foreign land. Whew!  This is where I am posting from now. Pretty nice digs.

I once heard events come in 3’s, so I am waiting to see what comes next…  I hope my assistant Stevie doesn’t read this as she has been fretting over my trip going well. She is great at attending to all the details and this could ruin her day… If you are reading this Stevie, not to worry, as everything has a way of working itself out. I tend toward my optimistic side when it comes to things I can’t control. What’s the use in worrying?  Stuff happens…

Why am I in Bogotá? Well, we’re very happy to be opening Colombia as a new market for The Listening Program® and Advanced Brain Technologies. Our Colombian representatives Clínica Rivas are holding a week long conference for audiologists and otolologists called SEMANA DE LA OTOLOGIA, the largest event of it’s kind in South America.  Tomorrow I’ll be giving a workshop for parents of hearing impaired children, Saturday and Sunday I’m training new TLP Providers, Monday I have two presentations at the main conference where I will making the case for using acoustically-modified music for aural rehabilitation, then I head home Tuesday. Today I’ll enjoy the hotel amenities, and get a little work done while I look forward to sampling the local fare with my host Dr. Adriana Rivas, MD, AuD this evening.

A trip highlight is the Colombian Café. This morning I savored some of Juan Valdez’s finest. It reminded me of drinking Guinness in Dublin. Nothing like going to the source! I highly recommend it. Adios amigos.

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