10 Reasons Sleep Matters

10 Reasons Sleep Matters

Sleep matters. But so few of us get enough of it.  According to the National Sleep Foundation more than 40 million American adults report having a chronic sleep disorder. But nearly three times that number—60% of adults and 69% of children— report trouble sleeping a few nights a week or more. Are you one of them? Perhaps you are, but don’t recognize it. Read number 10 on the info-graphic above now!

I have battled sleep troubles from time to time.  One contributing factor is that my mind is constantly swimming with new ideas and often won’t shut down. Vigilance also creates some sleepless nights. As a male I am biologically programmed to scan my environment for safety, even when asleep. So while my wife and children sleep soundly, my ears are monitoring the perimeter. And when something sounds out of place, I’m on it! Trouble is, when I hear that creak at 3:11 in the morning it is really hard to go back to sleep. Generally, I’ll lay in bed for a couple hours reading, playing Angry Birds, and seeing what the insomniacs are posting on Facebook.  Then, I’ll catch a quick 45 minute nap before I need to get up. Anyone with me here? I know someone can relate. I’ve seen your posts in my news feed at 4:00 am!

We really need our sleep, and lack of sleep comes at a high price. Read numbers 1-9 above. And if you don’t agree sleep matters. Well… Read number 10 again:).

Interested in learning more about about sleep? Listen to a recording of  last night’s Sound Brain Fitness teleseminar with my friend and neuroscientist Dr. Seth Horowitz on sleep science. Sleepless and want an answer now? You might want to check out a new program Advanced Brain Technologies released just today, The Listening Program® SLEEP.

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