Sleep is not simple unconsciousness

Sleep Quote- Dr. Seth Horowitz

Sleep is one of the most important functions for daily life and continued health throughout the lifespan, yet it is one of our least understood behaviors. Our scientific understanding of sleep has evolved from thinking of it as a simple cessation of consciousness to realizing it is a complex neural behavior that is easily affected by everything from light exposure to diet and exercise. One of the most powerful ways of affecting sleep, for good or bad is through sound, as hearing is the only sense that remains highly active through most stages of sleep.

Tonight please join me and my guest, neuroscientist and author Dr. Seth Horowitz, as we examine the interactions between sleep and the auditory system, and how sound can be a powerful stimulus for both sleep interruption or induction and maintenance of healthy sleep patterns. The free teleseminar begins at 8:00 pm, Eastern.  Please note that registered callers will be first to call first served. We have capacity for 250 on the call, and up to 500 can listen on the web if the phone lines are full.  We will exceed capacity. I hope you’ll join us to learn more about sleep and to be the first to hear a special announcement that will offer new hope for the sleepless.  Register

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