Balloons for your Ears?


Ears buds, you’ve heard me on my soapbox about the inherent danger of sticking these things in your ears and blowing out your hearing.  Apparently, Stephen Ambrose, a pioneer in audio technology and founder of Asius Technologies has an alternative solution to ear buds that I find intriguing.  I call them balloons for your ears, he calls them inflatable ear buds and they may be coming soon to an Apple store near you.  I’ll reserve comment until I test them personally, and deliberate the advantages and disadvantages with my audiophile and audiologist friends. This includes you Seth Horowitz and Jay Lucker! Perhaps Stephen Ambrose will send me a pair to review?  For now, you might be interested to read more on this innovation on Mashable.

Tell me, would you be comfortable with inflatable airbags in your ears?

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