Quieter TV Commercials

mute button

Finally, you can take your finger off the Mute button! No longer will we need to reach for the remote to protect ourselves from the aural assault that comes from loud TV commercials.

On December 13th the “CALM Act”, (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) was put in force requiring TV broadcasters to guarantee that commercials air at a volume no louder than the programs in which they appear. HURRAY!

How nice it will be not to be blown out of our seats by the latest, greatest, wiz bang widget ever to be sold on television for a limited time!  I for one am thankful to see meaningful legislation being passed that will make a positive impact on reducing the toxic noise in our lives.  How about you?

For an amusing list of other noise mitigation bills under consideration, check out this post from Linda Holmes at NPR.

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