Saying Thanks

Courae Angel

Fourteen years, that’s how long we’ve been working toward our vision of making sound brain fitness universally attainable to everyone. The years have passed quickly, and not all have been easy. But they have been extremely rewarding; knowing that the products we create make a positive impact on people’s lives.

I was richly rewarded yesterday when a former employee posted on my Facebook wall.  Her name is Nikki and she was doing a Google search when she came across a video we had produced. It featured a story about her mother Jannette, and how The Listening Program® helped in her recovery from a traumatic brain injury. It really touched me that Nikki would take the time to write. She was an awesome team member and a good friend we miss having around ABT HQ.  However, she left to pursue her doctorate in physical therapy so she can help others hands on. The world will benefit from one amazingly dedicated physical therapist when she finishes her DPT program! Yes, we forgive you for leaving Nikki…

As I write this post I am looking over my shoulder at a figurine. It is an angel of courage that Nikki’s mom gave me as a thank you along with a beautiful Lily which we planted in the garden at the entrance to our building. There is not a day I don’t walk in my office, look at that angel and give thanks for the opportunity to serve such wonderful and courageous people. And with each spring that Lily blossoms and signifies renewal; the opportunity to continue forging a path toward a world where everyone is a better listener. Thank you Pappas family for the opportunity, and ever present reminders that we are on the right course.

You may not realize it but your emails, letters, phone calls, Facebook posts, tweets, and pins sharing your love for The Listening Program mean so much to each of us at Advanced Brain Technologies. So please keep those inspiring messages coming!

As a way of showing our appreciation and saying thanks to you all we have put together a Facebook contest to give away a prize package worth over $2,200. It includes the amazing new Waves™, multi-sensory audio system, The Listening Program on a pre-loaded iPod and three months of personal coaching with a Certified Provider of The Listening Program!

We certainly hope that the winner of this contest is helped greatly through this prize and that we will be one listener closer to realizing our vision. Thank you all for your support and best of luck with the contest.

Click here to enter and Win a Waves audio package worth $2,200!

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