Hey Sleepyhead

Sleep, we all need it, and for many it remains elusive. So much so, that the sleep industry generates billions of dollars annually from those looking for alternatives to counting sheep.

Sleep, or more accurately the lack of it, has been on my mind a lot lately. Our team at Advanced Brain Technologies and our brainy collaborators have been developing a novel neuro-sensory solution for the sleep deprived. I’ll share more on that when the time comes, but for now I want to tell you about an interesting article I stumbled on in Scientific American which really intrigued me.

The article reports an estimated 1 in 800 people suffer from hypersomnia, which is more or less a perpetual state of sleepiness.  A research study was recently published on this condition by a team of sleep researchers at Emory University. They found that a medication currently used to treat drug overdoses appears to help patients regulate brain chemicals linked to hypersomnia. While this team searches for answers for the perpetually sleepy, we’ll stay on the path of offering sweet dreams to the millions of insomniacs who need to catch their nightly zzz’s.

I’m curious, if you’re an insomniac or hypersomniac, how has this impacted your life? And, what solutions have you found helpful? Please share in the comments.

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