Thwart the Photo Police

The feeling is really something. To walk into the Barnes & Noble at 555 Fifth Avenue and see it; your book, on the New Releases table, at Barnes & Noble, on Fifth Avenue, in New York!  Does it get much better for a first timer? Well, the front window would have been nice, but who’s complaining?

Admittedly I was excited, so much so I did the rarest thing for someone who is camera shy. I asked my wife to take out her iPhone and take a picture of me with a stack of my books. Then the moment was crudely interrupted. A rather massive and somewhat intimidating security guard shut us down. “No photography” he tells us disapprovingly. I felt like a criminal, just like the time I took a picture of the Mona Lisa at Musee’de Louve, in Paris. Apparently that isn’t allowed either!

This crushing moment is among many memories of the Healing at the Speed of Sound® book tour that kicked off in New York last October. Not one of the better memories mind you, but unforgettable. A better memory was that evening, which I spent celebrating the book launch with my co-author Don Campbell and my wife at Thomas Keller’s per se. I can still bring back the experience of the most delectable foie we enjoyed from my sensory memory.

The paperback came out last week and I’ve yet to go see it in store. You see, no book tour on the paperback release. So, if you happen to be in a Barnes & Noble and can snap a photo of Healing at the Speed of Sound in paperback for me, I’d happily send a free copy to the first fearless photographer to thwart B&N’s photo police.

If you succeed, post your pic to the Healing at the Speed of Sound Facebook Page wall and I’ll get the book to you. It will be well earned!

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