Healing at the Speed of Sound Paperback Giveaway


Would you like to win an autographed copy of my Bestseller Healing at the Speed of Sound®? Read on and I’ll tell you how!

Each author has their own reason to write. And the creative process is different for us all.  The motivation my co-author Don Campbell and I had for writing Healing at the Speed of Sound was to share that sound is an unrecognized pillar of health.  Our message… noise harms, and sound, music and silence can heal.  It seems our readers recognize the real impact sound has in their lives, and are taking control of the power of sound to improve their mind, body, and spirit!

Healing at the Speed of Sound was released in paperback by Plume this week, just a little over a year following the hardcover release. This milestone is bittersweet. You see, my good friend Don passed away earlier this year. He is on my mind as are memories of our nearly three years spent writing the book together.

Writing with Don was a remarkable process.  Don was a seasoned author who took me, the apprentice under his wing.  In his career Don wrote 23 books translated in nearly as many languages. Included among them the groundbreaking Bestseller The Mozart Effect®.  Don was conceivably the most creative person I have ever known; whereas, I tend more toward linearity.  He wrote with light speed, me, well… This post will take about an 90 minutes to write!  We combined his inspired genius with my practical mindset and penned a book that fused our shared interests and unique perspectives.

There were many memorable moments in our writing journey, but what sticks with me most is the trust Don had in me to share my ideas, merge them with his, and together craft a message that will forever hold great meaning for us both. There were times in the creative process I hit the wall, writers block! I could not extract the ideas in my mind to the written word. These were occasions I practiced what I teach and turned to my muse, music.

What music, artist or songs bring you creative inspiration? Share in the comments before noon mountain time on Tuesday, November 6th.  After I cast my vote I’ll select my favorite comments and pick two winners to receive an autographed copy of Healing at the Speed of Sound in paperback! The winners will be announced in the comments. Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Healing at the Speed of Sound Paperback Giveaway

  1. Kathy Kasley says:

    Amie Camie really inspires me. She is also a therapeutic musician, and has had her own battle with cancer. Her music is lovely and very original. I listened to it while I was in pre-op before my own surgery and it really calmed me and took away my anxiety about “going under”. Music does sooo much for patients, family and staff, providing comfort, reducing anxiety , relieving pain and much more. I firmly believe that music will be a regular and accepted part of Western medical treatment in the very near future.

  2. Marianne Brenckman says:

    The sounds of music during my workday and while driving is the piano music of Jim Brickman. My favorite is his “No Words” CD. It uplifts and calms me at the same time. It most likely also lowers my blood pressure!

  3. Gwynna Whiteowl says:

    I just love the Dalai Lama chanting … soothes my soul, body and mind. His voice is like liquid amber. I listen to Christina Tourin Harp music to help me drift off to sleep and wake feeling wonderful.

  4. Leann Ortman says:

    We play Christian music in our home and car all day, but the music from sources like International House of Prayer and Bethel Ministry is a favorite. Their music is always a source of peace and encouragement as it reminds me to take my focus off of the problems in front of me and look to God as the ultimate healer, my comfort and my strength.. Those messages penetrate my heart through the spiritually inspired music, whether it’s instrumental or vocal or both…

  5. accomplishedlearning says:

    One of my favorite pieces of music is Mozart “Queen of the Night” it not only inspires me but energizes me also. I also love to work with Vivaldi “Four Seasons “playing in the background.

  6. Alan Bachers says:

    Keith Jarrett’s piano pieces play in the background of my writing. His non-linear music-resides-in-the-spaces-between-the-notes brilliance maintains me in the presence of THIS moment rather than drifting off. The Koln Concert is a good place to begin. Meeting Don first in Jean Houston’s Mystery School, I subsequently took a six day sound focused rafting trip with a group led by Don on the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon, each day a million more years into the belly of the earth – an experience that resonates in me still today.

  7. Sue Rouillard says:

    Mozart, Beatles, James Taylor, Georgia O’Keefe, MC Escher, I love them all and with them around, I am more creative, energized and happy!

  8. Cathy Stingley says:

    I remember a tough time in my life. I flew from Alaska down to Oregon to be with family. My brother-in-law loaned me his sports car (!) and some music to listen to on his quadraphonic system in that little car. Wow, what a sound! I listened over and over to Mannheim Steamroller’s Fresh Fish album. It had power, beauty, resonance, technical intricacy and a healing quality for me in a time when it was much needed. It also contains my favorite recording of Mason Williams performing his Classical Gas with the Mannheim Steamroller band. Now I listen almost daily to my life mate playing Classical Gas on his guitar and it takes me back to that healing time. I never tire of it.

  9. anja says:

    Hy my name is Anja and I played piano 6 years . When I finished I only played for myself and family and I still do. I do not know if it is important for this replay how old I am so I prefer wrote it. I am 18 so you can imagine that my mood changes quicker than you can imagine. Below i will wrote what do I play or sing or listen when I am in a diferent mood.
    I am very sorry for mistakes I will wrote but english is not my maternal language and neither is spanish which as you will see I listen a lot.
    When I am angry I play »R. Schumann; Wild horseman – very hard, with all anger« or listen to » fiera – acorralada, que me provocas, La Factoria; Yo soy tu gatita ( I am your cat)- if you do not know them just wrote it in youtube and you will find them« those one make me feel less angry.
    When I am sad I play »P.I. Tchaikovsky; Early french song, or listen to Luis Fonsi; No me doy por vencido (I do not give up), BNK; Dame tu mano (Give me your hand) and music similar to those two.
    Richard Clayderman; ballade pour adeline, and Fur Elise; Beethoven, Rigoleto; G. Verdi, and Teodoro Cottrau; Santa Lucia, Edelweiss always make me start dreaming and I love playing them.
    Silent night always takes me back to christmas and christmas holidays when I was a child. But not only that one, many of christmas songs are »forcing« me to remember. Even Yesterday of the Beatles because it was in a christmas card with CD full of hits like that one.
    »Scott Joplin; Maple leaf rag« always makes me happy and what is even better it makes happy people that are listening.
    Happy, so happy I want to dance make me reggaeton music and latin music (salsa, zumba music…)- Samuel Castelli; Pasión Morena, waka waka; Shakira, Don Omar Ft. Wisin y Yandel; Enfermo de amor (sick because of the love)
    Songs like Ordinary miracle; Sarah Mclachlan and L. A. ; What a wonderful world make me be more conected with nature. I am looking at her, listen to her, enjoy her, …
    Normaly songs does not make me cry but Michael Jacksons ; We are the world even if I do not listen to him was the first song that make me cry (but I listened with looking at lyrics).
    I also listen to music in my maternal language which is Slovenian but I guess you do not know them. There is one song OGENJ, JEKLO, UPANJE – Fire, steel, hope which fulfill me with power when I sing it in choir.
    I hope i help you with anything and if you still want any information you can contact me in anja.krslin@gmail.com.
    Thank you

  10. JrallaT says:

    I too am convinced that music can heal. Have you heard of NIA? It is a very wonderful and powerful type of dance made up of the healing arts, the martial arts and the dance arts. It is all about the joy of movement. The music we dance to is varied, beautiful and inspiring. It is part of the healing process of NIA. NIA is also spiritual, focusing on the present, on communication and very loving. All of the music is created especially for NIA , go here to listen:


  11. EH says:

    The advent of Internet radio (with its many, many stations) has been become an important part of my creative process. As a writer, and a generally curious person, I read books covering all kinds of subjects. Words alone provide many facts, but I need something more to fully comprehend and get in the mindset of the new information I’m acquiring. This is when I look to music, trying to match specific genres to the subject material. For example, when I’m reading about the Middle Ages, I listen to Medieval music. When I’m studying foreign languages, I look for stations that play songs with lyrics in the same language. As a musician, learning new pieces of music usually means I read biographies of the composers and their contemporaries while listening to recordings of their works — often different artists’ interpretations and arrangements on other instruments. The process also includes reading the score while listening to the recording.

    Perhaps the inspiration I get isn’t always in actually “creating” something entirely new, but the resulting products (my writing or my own performance of the music) are original in the sense that they are my best expression of what I know to be true. It just wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have music to kindle the process.

  12. Alex Doman says:

    Congratulations to the two winners of the Healing at the Speed of Sound Paperback Giveaway! And the winners are… EH and LeAnn Ortman. Please send me a private email to alex@advancedbrain.com with your full name, email, and mailing address and we’ll send your books right out. And thank you to each of you that commented about how you find inspiration in music! Alex

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