Conscious Listening with Julian Treasure

For the past few months I’ve really been enjoying my new Sound Brain Fitness Series. These free monthly, 60 minute teleseminars are open to the public and cover wide ranging topics intended to help people transform their lives through a better understanding of sound, music, and the brain.

The next program is October 3rd at 8:00 pm eastern. My guest is Julian Treasure; author, four-time speaker, and leading sound consultant. The topic is Conscious Listening.  Julian and I will explore listening, our active relationship with sound. Listening is something almost everyone does, and it profoundly impacts on our health, effectiveness and relationships, and even changes our reality – and yet almost no-one thinks about it consciously or trains to become better at it.

Along the way they we’ll cover:

  • What listening is
  • How it differs from hearing and how we do it
  • Why our listening is in danger
  • The pros and cons of headphones
  • Five practices for becoming a conscious listener

Please join us for this exciting hour and register here. You can listen on the phone or online. When you register be sure to submit a question you would like to have answered on the call. There will also be an opportunity to call in and have your question answered live!

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