Chronobiology and Music

Chronobiology is a fascinating field of scientific study that examines biological rhythms. Arguably it can be said that life itself is all about rhythm and timing. After all, don’t we all march to the beat of a different drummer? OK… obvious pun, but my point is we are each living organisms driven by a circadian clock.  Some of us are owls, nocturnal beings that thrive in darkness; and others larks, who function best in the light of day.

Each of us is influenced by the neural mechanisms of our internal clock. Chronobiological music treatments tap into this biological mechanism as an effective means to manage some psychosomatic disorders including insomnia and depression. Next week on September 5th, I’ll be exploring the emerging research in this area with Austrian based music and media effect researcher Vera Brandes, Director of the Research Program Music-Medicine at Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg.

Please join us September 5th, 8pm eastern for Chronobiology and Music: The Salzburg Experience,  a free teleseminar in my monthly Sound Brain Fitness series. Register Online.

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