Don Campbell Memorial Service

Back in June my dear friend Don Campbell passed away of pancreatic cancer at age 65. Don was an authority on the transformative power of music, my co-author on Healing at the Speed of Sound® and author of 22 additional books including The Mozart Effect®.

My wife Mandy and I were privileged to attend Don’s Memorial in Boulder, Colorado on June 13th where we celebrated Don’s life together with friends and his family; in words, music, laughter, prayer and meditation. Don influenced countless people across the globe, most of whom could not join us for this glorious celebration. For those who could not be there I am pleased to share that some of his talented friends produced a wonderful video of the service which you can view below.

Even if you didn’t know Don, if you watch this video you’ll come to appreciate him, simply by seeing how he touched those who knew and could not help but love this amazing being.

Don Campbell Memorial Video

2 thoughts on “Don Campbell Memorial Service

  1. Lynnie Skinner says:

    This memorial service takes us to ‘the beyond’ as deeply and beautifully as music itself. Thank you to all who sang in this choir of celebration in honor of the great, humane healer: Don Campbell.

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