Back to school already? Music as a brain primer

Back to school already? I’m afraid so… As July winds down and we transition into August it’s time to start thinking about how we help our kids have a successful school year. One of the best brain primers for the school day is a session of morning music before your sons or daughters are swept off to the halls of learning in a big yellow bus. Try just 15 minutes of Baroque music; Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli for example, through headphones while your kids are eating breakfast. This will cue them that it’s time to transition into learning mode while the music does wonders to organize the mind for maximum focus and a day of learning and discovery. When they make the transition home, wound up from a day in class, first, let them get their energy out riding bikes, running, anything that does not involve a game system controller. Then transition them to homework with a second daily session of Baroque listening over speakers or headphones. This will improve their concentration and accelerate speed of thought, while increasing their comprehension and retention. Homeschooling families can use this same framework but further utilizing music to enhance learning and creativity throughout the school day. The key to making this work is consistency, make this a daily ritual that you and your kids can rely on. I’m certain you’ll find benefits beyond the classroom.

One thought on “Back to school already? Music as a brain primer

  1. autismcompass says:

    I model listening for my kids and do my program while I’m assembling their breakfast. They see me taking care of my own needs and then are really enthusiastic about getting their turn to listen. A homeschooling mom, in particular, needs her 15 minutes of relaxation and re-grouping twice a day to be at her best for her “students”.

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