Psycho What?

Psycho What?

This is the typical response I receive when using the term psychoacoustics when giving a presentation or training professionals. At Advanced Brain Technologies we use this field of science combined with neuroscience and music effects research in our research and development of audio products which improve sound brain fitness.

The article Sound, the Way the Brain Prefers to Hear It was recently published in The New York Times. Reading it will give you a better understanding of the work we do, and the science that guides it. Knowing how the brain perceives and processes elements of sound; rhythm, frequency, timing, volume and space is the foundation. From there we design programs which improve sound brain fitness, training the brain to improve its perception and understanding of these sonic elements, so it can better understand what it hears.

This is an exciting and growing field, that is now gaining greater recognition, as we better understand how the brain prefers to experience sound.

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