Music for the Mind- The Art & Music of Ostad Elahi

Music has a number of positive physiological and psychological benefits. Over the centuries, the therapeutic benefits of music have been extensively studied in various settings. More recently, neuroimaging studies have helped us better understand the effect of music on the brain.  The music of Ostad Elahi has gained tremendous attention in the West since its release to the public in the 90s as a unique and powerful music. Ethnomusicologists, neuroscientists, and musicians have begun to explore the potential benefits of his music, and to discusss adapting therapeutic music programs based on unique musical repertoire like his.  Music for the Mind is a superb example of a sound stimulation auditory training program that can help facilitate profound changes through the power of music and active listening.

I was fortunate to co-produce Music for the Mind with Richard Lawrence and Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, and later a second program with Greg Lawrence and Dr. Fallahpour. I am greatly looking forward to contributing to a lecture on the intricate music of Ostad Elahi, a master musician and virtuoso of the tambour, this lecture takes us on a magical journey of the power of his music.

The lecture is at Winifred Smith Hall, Clair Trevor School of Arts, University of California, Irvine on Thursday February 3rd, 2011 from 7-9 pm. It is sponsored by UCI Clair Trevor School of Arts, UCI Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, The Department of Pharmaceuticals Sciences, and The Nour Foundation.


Welcome- Dean Joseph Lewis II- Dean, Clair Trevor School of Arts

Keynote Speech- Professor Jean During- Director, Department of Ethnomusicology, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CRNS)

Discussion- Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Director, The Brain Resource Center and Alex Doman, Founder & CEO, Advanced Brain Technologies 

Musical Performance- Professor Jean During and Mr. Porya Foghani

Proceeds will be doanted to the center initiatives on autism.

If you live or will be in Southern California  on February 3rd I hope you will consider joining us for this exciting and eductional evening!

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