Autism Symptom Remission NIH Patient Study Recruitment

The NIH is running a study that many of you will find of interest. Please read below and consider sharing with parents you know who have children on the autism spectrum who have had a reduction in  symptoms. I am very encouraged to see NIH investigate the growing reports of recovery and symptom remission in children diagnosed with asd’s.


Patient Recruitment Announcement at NIH:

Identification of Characteristics Associated with Symptom Remission in Autism

We are recruiting children and adolescents (ages 7-17) who, since being diagnosed with autism, have made significant improvements such that they no longer meet criteria for a diagnosis of autism.  We are also recruiting children who continue to meet criteria for autism, as well as typically developing children.  Our goal is to better understand how children who make remarkable improvement may differ from children who continue to meet criteria for autism.

The study involves several inpatient and outpatient visits to Bethesda, MD, that may occur over a few days or several weeks, depending on what works best for the child and his or her parents.  The study involves an autism diagnostic evaluation as well as a thorough neuropsychological and medical evaluation.  A summary of all clinically relevant study findings including results of the neuropsychological exam will be provided. There is no cost to participate and children are compensated for their time.  Travel assistance and lodging may be provided.

For further information please call the study coordinator at 301-435-7962 (TTY 866-411-1010) or email


This study announcement is from the NIH Patient Recruitment web site:

Visit the NIH Patient Recruitment home page at

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