2010 ADHD Awareness Expo-Working Memory Training

The first Virtual ADHD Expo launched yesterday and is running through the end of this week.

This event is organized by ADHD expert  Dr. Rory Stern and ADHD Coach Tara McGillicudy.

Tomorrow Rory and Tara will host a discussion with Dr. Paul Cates and myself titled:

ADHD Treatment Success: Using BrainBuilder® Software for Working Memory Training

This discussion will center on issues with diagnosis differentiation, medication, “attention windows”, IQ, and treatment focusing on early research results using Advanced Brain Technologies BrainBuilder® software to help people diagnosed with ADHD.  I hope you will be able to join us tomorrow, September 15th for this dynamic conversation!

About the 2010 ADHD Awareness Expo

ADHD is greatly misunderstood. People are held back because they are asked to march to a drum that doesn’t beat for them.  In recognition of ADHD awareness week here in the US, I’d like you to join us for the first ever Virtual ADHD Awareness Expo. You’ll get access to the experts from the comfort of your own home, all week long, when it is convenient for you.

Register today for free and get access to presentations, demonstrations, and the latest information from leading experts, authors, and companies serving the ADHD community.

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