The Phantom Sounds of Tinnitus

New neuroscience research suggests relief from the often debilitating mystery sounds generated in the auditory system called tinnitus may some day be alleviated.

I just came across this article in ScienceDaily and wanted to share it. Unfortunately I cannot elaborate in this post, but I am encouraged to see the research interest in exploring the role of the central auditory pathway in tinnitus.

Read the article here

2 thoughts on “The Phantom Sounds of Tinnitus

    • Alex Doman says:

      Jane, Yes, I have had success in treating my own tinnitus, although it does come back in rare occasions when I am under extreme stress. This is my body’s warning sign that I need to restore balance, and I listen! Tinnitus is a subjective condition, what you may experience is very different from what I did, and only you can describe it. Here are some questions I have for you, which you can respond to via email to

      Is your tinnitus continuous or intermittent? Unilateral (one ear) or bilateral (two ears)? Does the tone change? Do you recall how long you have had tinnitus? Have you experienced acoustic trauma or a head injury? Do you have a hearing loss? Do you experience pain or discomfort with certain sounds? Is the tinnitus debilitating?Do you experience migraines?

      Once I receive your responses to these questions I will be better informed and able to let you know if The Listening Program Classic may possibly help you.

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