Mozart Soothes Premature Babies

My wife and I just returned from an appointment with our OB to check on the progress of our son Brendan who is due to arrive in January.  As an expectant father and producer of therapeutic music programs I am a huge believer in the positive benefits of exposing our son to music in utero and beyond.

So,  I just opened my email and sitting in my Inbox is a study forwarded to me by my friend and collaborator Don Campbell that demonstrates that Mozart soothes premature babies.  Now, this is no revelation for those of us in the field, but it it gratifying to see researchers continue to study the effects of music on newborns, at a time when our auditory system is most vulnerable to the onslaught of noise we are faced with as we exit the birth canal and leave the warmth and comfort of the fluid filled womb.

The Israeli study demonstrated that healthy, premature infants who listened to Mozart  had a 10-13 % reduction in resting energy expenditure compared to those with no music exposure.  The study did not evaluate other music and has not been replicated but the findings are interesting and support further scientific exploration. This study will be published in the January print issue of the journal Pediatrics. Read the story in the online edition of U.S. News & World Report.

So, when Brendan arrives will there be music to greet him? The answer is an unequivocal YES!! What will he be listening to? Well, to be honest the award-winning Music for Babies collection that I co-produced with my dear friend Richard Lawrence a few years ago. Newborn or otherwise, I can assure you Sleepy Baby and Peaceful Baby will ease the stress of your day.

4 thoughts on “Mozart Soothes Premature Babies

  1. Ginger says:

    Ah, but he is already listening to Music for Babies and more, isn’t he? It will be wonderful to see him respond to the music he has been listening to all along, won’t it!

    Proud Gram, aka Ginger

    • Alex Doman says:

      Yes, he is listening to Music for Babies, Sound Health, The Listening Program with air and bone conduction delivery, many of the Mozart Effect albums which are a gift from Don Campbell, and a variety of other music genres on our iPods other than classical. Encouraging his mother to playing the flute periodically, and he listens to his oldest brother play guitar!

  2. Linda B. Riddle says:

    Hey Alex,
    For individuals not familiar with bone conduction it might be helpful to others to explain how this music is being delivered. Is Mandy listening to the music using the bone conduction system all the time? Just wondering. You have probably sited BC before but if I was new to the site I might be unfamiliar with bone conduction.
    I wish I had this while I was pregnant 23 years ago but somehow intuitively I did read aloud and listen to Mozart while pregnant. I also sang the ABC song and when my daughter was 2and 1/2 and in the hospital I sang the ABC song while she was getting an IV. It calmed her down immediately.
    Have an inspired day, Linda B.Riddle

    • Alex Doman says:

      Hi Linda,

      Mandy does her The Listening Program sessions with combined air conduction and bone conduction. All other listening is air conduction headphones and speakers. We are just completing a new handout on the ABT Bone Conduction Audio System which I will post here and elsewhere next week.

      Thanks for sharing!

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