Music and the Brain: A Symposium with Integrated Live Performances

On October 30th the Cleveland Clinic Arts & Medicine Institute is presenting Music and the Brain: A Symposium with Integrated Live Performances in collaboration with Lincoln Center in New York, NY.

Neuroscience and music is an area that is finally beginning to get the attention it deserves. This symposium focuses on the relationship between music and the nervous system. It is aimed at educating physicians about this novel and unique field of “neuromusic” which studies the effect of music on the normal and abnormal physiology of the nervous system, treats certain neurological conditions using music as a therapeutic tool and treats the neurological consequences of misuse of music. It also aims at educating physicians about the status of research in the field of music and the brain.

I am attending the symposium, and one of my colleagues, Vera Brandes, will be presenting a talk on the chronobiological aspects on the use of music. Vera’s company Sanoson, focuses on the prescriptive use of music as a healing modality and designs custom music systems for medical facilities.  Those of you acquainted with my work are aware that my company Advanced Brain Technologies develops neurobased therapeutic music programs: so this conference is of great interest to me, especially since I have been co-writing a book on the topic with Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect) for the course of the past year.        

For more information or to register visit If you attend please introduce yourself!

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