I Just Want Peace

I Just Want Peace


I just returned home after a week long trip to Israel where we are opening a branch of our company. With the conflict in Gaza I went with some apprehension which was entirely lifted when I arrived in Tel Aviv and met my generous friends Ofer and Sigal Cohen.


While exposed to wonderful people and places there is a moment I experienced which will stay with me forever. 


Here is the story. I was in Jerusalem walking with Ofer from the Mt. Of Olives up a long stone path behind the Western Wall on the way back to the Old City. Ahead was an Arabic man with a white donkey. As he came down and we walked up we were greeted with an extended hand. Ofer offered him money to take his photo and instead this sage told us “He does not want money, he just wants peace”. What wisdom this man shared who has spent the last 50 years with his geriatric donkey walking around Jerusalem selling Kerosene. This man with kind eyes and warm heart who had nothing according to my western sensibility had everything he needed.


What a lesson…In a land of conflict, peace is the greatest asset.


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