Introduction to The Brain Understanding Itself

The creation of a blog has been on my to-do list for some time and well today, September 1, 2008, I can check that item off my list!
The Brain Understanding Itself will include my reflections on the phenomenon that the brain is trying to do just that… understand itself. This concept was introduced to me after the publisher sent me a review copy of The Brain That Changes Itself  by Norman Doidge, M.D.
As I reviewed this text I reflected on the work that has consumed me for the last fifteen years; developing neurotechology products, methods and technologies that improve the efficiency of the brain in order to help people maximize their potential. The last ten of these years has been spent at Advanced Brain Technologies
During this time of reflection I marveled at the risks taken by my late grandfather, Robert J. Doman, M.D., a physiatrist (rehabilitation physician), and his brother Glenn, a physical therapist along with their colleagues. Starting in the early to mid 20th century they began their great adventure researching and developing new and progressive methods to rehabilitate those with the most injured brains. Their path was the road less traveled, and for that I am grateful. Their work inspired and continues to inspire countless people who follow in their footsteps as do I.
The brain understanding itself… Is it possible? The brain is plastic, so who knows? We all possess unlimited potential so perhaps through harnassing the collective consciousness the brain can indeed understand itself one day.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to The Brain Understanding Itself

  1. Elyse Bruce says:

    I’m not sure why you decided to follow me on Twitter so I thought I’d do a little research. I’m not certain I understand still why you decided to follow me on Twitter.

    Not trying to be argumentative here but are you thinking that Autism is caused by the brain not operating at its full potential? Just asking here.

  2. Alex Doman says:

    Dear Elyse,

    Thank you for your comments.

    You inquired as to why I followed you on Twitter. Helping people on the autism spectrum is important to me and my colleagues. We learn how we can best help through listening and reading about the successes, challenges, and feelings of those who are on the spectrum or touched by someone who is. I follow others with an interest in autism awareness as well.

    With respect to your question about my thinking on the cause of autism, that is certainly of immense interest to me as it is to the wider autism community. I would not be so bold as to postulate on the cause. Current research seems to indicate that there may well be genetic factors that could be expressed by a variety of triggers. Behaviorally we see that the brain is affected as observable through challenges in learning, communication and social engagement. So to that end the brain does not appear to be operating at its fullest potential.

    Our purpose at Advanced Brain Technologies is not to find the cure, but to assist in developing learning, communication and social engagement skills. With the incidence of autism at 1 in 150 in the United States we have a growing epidemic that needs to be stopped and those on the autism spectrum need the love, support and commitment of society to help.

    I wish you success as you make your contributions at MIDNIGHT IN CHICAGO!

    With kind regards,


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